10 Nifty Items to keep in Your Vehicle.

When taking long or short trips, there are a few things that every driver
and/or passenger should bring to be readily prepared for unfortunate events.
Here are 10 devices, tools, and items that will better-prepare you for any
obstacles that may come your way when traveling.
Winter is preparing for its full arrival and there’s nothing like a frozen,
dead battery to keep vehicles from starting. Compact jump starters are
ideal for instances such as these, and nowadays, some are equipped with
USB ports, and an air compressor to help inflate low tires.
We’ve all probably encountered a sharp turn while in a
vehicle and small trinkets, such as cellphones and coins,
have flown across the interior due to a blunt force. An anti-slip
dash grip mat could prove its usefulness on the dashboard of a vehicle.
When the battery goes out, or a sensor isn’t working properly,
a digital tire pressure gauge could help solve that problem.
It comes in handy when least expected, and can be packed
away easily in the glove compartment.
Being on the move or on the go, especially to a travel
destination with passengers or an event that requires
extra cargo space for supplies, a storage master
[of some sort] could maximize space through organization.
This nifty investment could even ease the
stress of having clutter around as company.
Instead of stopping by a restaurant or gas station
to pick up beverages in the middle of a trip, why
not travel with them? Portable coolers are great
for long rides that don’t need frequent pit stops
for cold snacks and beverages. Some travel
coolers are capable of heating drinks, too.
To avoid the hassle of finding a battery-charging source
for your phone in the time of need, invest in a battery extender
case that will cling to the body of your smartphone
and start charging – no cord connection necessary.
Plastic litter bags dangling on the shift knob of a car or truck
have become a very common trend for those who haven’t
quite found a durable alternative. An affordable litter basket
to stash trash away in is the perfect choice to promote
a nice and clean vehicle.
If you don’t have roadside assistance, roadside emergency kits
should be second on the list of “must-haves” to be stored away in the trunk.
Valuable emergency kits have essentials such as manual jumper cables,
safety flares, a flashlight, tire sealant, first aid kit, and even a poncho
for good luck in the rain.
This may take some getting used to, but the No Blind Spot Rear-View
Mirror does just that: catches the blind spot areas from the rear-view
mirror without having to turn your head to look for bypassing vehicles.
Professional race car drivers and law enforcement officers use these
mirrors often, why not give it a try?
Although most cars have a system that could link to the Bluetooth
of a smartphone, there are sophisticated navigation systems that
are even more location-accurate, and easily accessible while driving.
Navdy is one of those. Powered by Google’s superior search system,
the super-accurate voice recognition device helps drivers to,
“Never take [their] eyes off the road.”
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