This Camper Van has made a Major Comeback!

Remember the days when Shaggy and Scooby Doo would pull up in that psychedelic jalopy called the Mystery Machine, or Fillmore, the cartoon hippie camper bus from the movie Cars?

If so, you can probably relate to the iconic Volkswagen van that will leave you breathless of the impressive impact it has made throughout the years! Ever since World War II, Volkswagen (VW) continues to serve as, “…a rolling symbol for independence and freedom,” for existing and future drivers of its vehicles.

The VW I.D. Buzz has been under the microscope and on the drawing board for a while now, even though its similar-looking predecessors, the 1949 Type 2 “Splitty” and later-evolved models, didn’t make it past safety regulations of the modern age in 2014.

Under the Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform, since 2015, Volkswagen’s management board member, Herbert Diess, revealed that VW’s outlook on vehicle technology will be quite futuristic.

Important features of the I.D. Buzz include its fully electrically-run system, driving settings which are engineered for manual or fully automatic, intuitive voice control, sophisticated sensor system, and its cool, recognizably different interior – even exterior.

The electric Kombi van seems to have semi-autonomous characteristics, but has not yet made it to a level 5 self-driving vehicle. In fact, it isn’t expected to reach level 3 self-driving capabilities until its launch date, and probably won’t reach full autonomy until 2025.

This back-to-the-future, electric powerhouse will bring back past memories, and have you thanking manufacturers later because it isn’t yet on the market – not until 2022. And, hopefully its future drivers are here to experience the bliss of reconnecting to a generational family member.