Ideal Starter Vehicles that will Keep College Students Safe and Satisfied.

Closeouts are nearing and the holiday season is ringing in! You know what that means, right? Students are going to need affordable, trustworthy cars that suit driving needs. Here are a few recommendations:

Hyundai Elantra Sport 2018:

With over 200,000 vehicles sold in the year of 2016, Hyundai now has a car stamped for performance, interior perks, and reliability. The Elantra Sport is a spirited car with a range of motion and athletic handling meant for those who want a bang for their buck in quality, efficiency, and sufficient speed.  This vehicle has a very similar comparison to feather weight in the boxing ring, but quick, easy and compact enough to navigate in.

This beauty’s 1.6 liter turbo-charged engine may be among some of the smallest, but its fashionable look, electrical upgrades, and price are almost unbeatable.  If you’re looking for good gas mileage on a vehicle’s record, the Elantra has an architectural mainframe that gives added efficiency in its performance. Its 18-inch alloy wheels are meant to decrease unsprung weight, which improves the car’s handling when driving. It contributes to a save in gas mileage through the light weight steering wheel (located within the car), which causes the car to accelerate with less of a strain on its engine.

Just in case you’re wondering if the cost-friendly compact car is in-style or not, the Elantra Sport has electrical upgrades and fine tuning in sync with technological advances. The vehicle’s proximity key is able to be detected from a short distance to unlock its doors. Not only that, it’s a push-to-start. The Elantra’s touch screen radio dashboard meets the beginner ranks of common competitors. AM, FM, and Sirius XM satellite radio are readily available to use, along with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

Unique to the car are its blind-spot detection safety feature, and three modes of driving: regular, eco (fuel efficient), and sport. To present a more luxurious appeal, manufacturers provided black leather seats, trimmed with red, and detailed with the word “sport”.

And, for those looking for space to carry household supplies, the Elantra preserves 407 liters of extra cargo space: more than the Volkswagen CC, Audi A4, and the Acura TLX. With a manufacturer’s price ranging a little more than $18,000, a KBB expert rating of 9.1/10, and consumer rating of 8.6/10, this urban sweetheart is ready to be delivered as a seasonal gift.

2018 Honda Civic Si Coupe:

Also dubbed the 2018 Honda Civic turbo, the Civic Si Coupe is an extremely sporty vehicle with sophisticated safety features and an opulent racer design. Along with its compact nature, the Coupe is fully equipped with distinguishable LED lights (headlights, running lights, door mirror turning signal lights, and a mount stop light), 17-inch alloy wheels, push-to-start, and remote engine startup. It even makes room for a pretty spiffy fog lamp.

Although the VTEC turbo-powered vehicle has a smaller engine size than that of the Elantra Sport, weighing in at 1.5L, it is backed by Earth Dreams Technology, a powerfully developed line of engines that support efficiency, and performance of Honda vehicles all while following an environment-friendly approach.

Evidently, manufacturers gave the Coupe a premium “big boy” feel with the manual driver setting (instead of automatic), dual exhaust pipes, sporty driving position, telescopic steering, heat rejecting tinted glass, and other valuable qualities a luxury car would have. And, to capitalize on the adage that, “It’s the thought that counts,” Honda ensured heated seats in both passenger and back rows, and various high-end operations within its tech-center console.

Many of Honda’s makes and models, specifically this one, have technological advantages such as the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), ECON mode, Automatic Emergency Breaking (AEB), windshield detectors [for rain], and other extras that optimize responsiveness.

This vehicle is almost entirely sensor-driven. The Coupe’s cross traffic monitor allows you to maneuver with ease even when your view is obscured. The help of the Coupe’s audio and visual warnings will alert drivers of approaching vehicles.

The fully embellished vehicle starts off at a cost of $24,100, which is quite a bit more than the Elantra Sport. However, its cost-effective sibling, the 2018 Honda Civic Sedan LX, begins at a starting price of $18,840 – with even more bells and whistles, especially the cargo space which is approximately 20L more than the Elantra Sport…

2018 Toyota Camry:

Many expert reviews are pretty consistent with branding Toyota’s Camry. Representing its 35th year in existence, the midsize sedan has always had a sterling reputation in the comfort and compliance department. Although this vehicle may not be the first choice of a young student who may have an interest in youthful body spoilers, and a mean front-end, ready-to-race attitude, the 2018 Toyota Camry L and LE could definitely deliver on driving dynamics and power.

Given the aesthetic push on many mobile transports, Toyota has even stepped the Camry L and LE’s exterior body up a notch from the soft, boxy frontend with a stiffer, sharper, razor-edged accented trim. The trim level of the two models are slightly lower than that of the XSE V6 model that is commercialized in the media, but a buyer can depend on Toyota’s commitment to deliver generous storage options and a taste of luxury, even within the interior of the L.

The L and LE are at a manufacturer’s starting price between $23,495 and $24,000, while the SE begins at $25,200.