Keeping Drivers Safe with Navdy

If you haven’t heard already, Navdy and Samsung have been behind the scenes of a technological advancement: a system that keeps your head up towards the road and out of your phones.

Navdy is a portable display device that integrates information from a smartphone to its Head-Up Display (HUD) dashboard. Very much like built-in vehicle navigation systems such as Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and Toyota’s Etune 3.0, Navdy’s intelligent dash-bot may just be the cornerstone of vehicle intelligence and safety.

Navdy makes it simple for any user to set up its dash through three simple steps:

  1. Mount the display on the dash (right above the steering wheel).
  2. Attach and fasten the circular dial controller on the steering wheel to interact with your personal phone and display while driving.
  3. And, download the Navdy app from the App Store or Google Play for synchronization of the two sources (the display and phone).

Once the device is authorized full connection with a personal phone through its app, the display is capable of channeling music, messages, incoming callers, mapped locations and more. The portable device’s design was engineered to support clear rather than obscured views when driving.

This also supports Navdy’s purpose of the dash device to be placed ahead of the driver, rather than below the steering wheel to the right (or left) of the driver. To get a taste of the future of driving, watch the video, below.