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Rental Car Arrangement Assistance

Assisting You with Rental Car Arrangements After a Collision

From commuting for work to picking up the kids to running errands, we rely on our vehicles for all kinds of daily tasks. Loss of transportation is just one way a motor vehicle collision can disrupt your life.

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center does more than repair vehicles. Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free experience from beginning to end. With our complimentary rental car arrangement assistance, you can count on us to help you get a rental vehicle that meets your needs until the repairs are complete.

Rental car arrangement assistance is available at all of our 200+ locations. Whether the insurance company is covering the rental or you are paying out-of-pocket, we can help get you into a replacement vehicle conveniently and quickly.

How Rental Car Arrangement Assistance Works

When making a claim with an insurance company, just let them know you need a replacement vehicle. They will verify your rental coverage and help you make a rental reservation. When dropping your vehicle off for repairs at your local Joe Hudson’s Collision Center, our staff will proactively communicate with the rental agency to get you into your reserved rental without delay.

If you are paying for your own rental, contact your local Joe Hudson’s Collision Center and our experienced customer service representatives will refer you to a preferred rental agency to make your reservation. When you drop your vehicle off for repairs, you can count on us to get your completed vehicle back to you as quickly as possible to help minimize your rental expense.

Can a Rental Car Be Delivered to Me?

This is something you’ll need to work out with the rental car company ahead of time. Some rental companies offer on-demand vehicle delivery, while others do not.

In most cases, the rental agency picks you up at your local Joe Hudson’s Collision center when you drop your vehicle off for repairs. However, if your vehicle was towed into the shop, it may be more convenient to have a rental vehicle delivered to your home or place of business. Be sure to ask the rental agency if this is possible when you make your reservation.

Although JHCC locations don’t provide loaner vehicles, our dedication to “white-glove” service is apparent in the many ways we strive to limit hassles for our customers. This includes help coordinating a suitable rental car while your vehicle is under repairs.

Why Choose Joe Hudson’s Collision Center?

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center offers an unmatched customer experience. In addition to repairing your vehicle, our team is proud to offer the highest standard of service. Our emphasis on clear communication enables JHCC to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Reasons to choose Joe Hudson’s Collision Center for your next vehicle repair job include:

5-Star Service

From making quality repairs to keeping you apprised of our progress, JHCC pays attention to every last detail. We can even coordinate the drop-off and pickup of a rental vehicle on your behalf.

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Locations Near You

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center is distinguished by an extensive number of locations in the 16 states we serve. Generally speaking, most of our customers are within 5–10 miles of a JHCC!

Proven Results

For over 35 years, JHCC has been a trusted name in collision repair. Our goal is to reduce your stress in the aftermath of a wreck. Along with handling all aspects of repairing your vehicle, we take steps to lift the weight off your shoulders—such as arranging for a rental car when needed.

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OEM-Certified Technicians

Many shops in the JHCC family are certified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our technicians follow each automaker’s stringent standards for repairs and replacement of OEM parts.

How Long Will My Car Be at the Body Shop?

The answer to this question depends on the extent of the damage and the type of repairs involved. In the meantime, you don’t have to rely on public transportation, rideshare drivers, or friends and family to keep you on the move.

JHCC’s rental car arrangement assistance can help connect you with a car, truck, SUV, or van while your vehicle is in the shop. We know you’d rather be driving your own vehicle, so we always strive to get your repaired vehicle back to you as quickly as possible.

After the initial inspection, we will provide you with an estimate for how long the repairs are expected to take. This helps you know how long you’ll need the rental vehicle. You will also get automated updates while we work so you can make a plan for getting your vehicle back and returning the rental.

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