Rvs and Camper Trailers That Travelers Would Love to Buy.

For those who love to go on road trips or take off-road adventures, there are many vehicles that fit every need, literally. From budget-worthy products, or something designed for off-road travel, here are a few of good taste.

The Modern Leisure Vehicle:

The 2018 Leisure Travel Van, Unity FX, is a class B+ RV (constructed on a large van chassis) with modern finishes and a high esteem for flexibility. For friends, family or individuals looking to ride on the road for long hours and explore the wonders of the nation, this is a good commercial choice to start off with. This RV is a home on wheels, and it serves the purpose of providing space and comfort where needed. This travel van has an exterior width of 7’ and 10.5”, interior height of 6’ 5”, and a total length of 25’ 1”. It comes in five interior layout variations: the island bed, twin bed, corner bed, FX, and the Murphy bed.

Unlike off-road campers, this RV is the better choice for traditional travelers who enjoy the ease of having to assemble parts of a living or sleeping area. Although light assemblage and the moving of items to make better use of space is likely to occur (i.e., the transition of the murphy bed into a front-end living space), easy modification and compromise is what sticks to the leisure brand.

Air Stream Nest:

2018 Airstream Nest.

Great for downsizers, or even young wanderlusters who are looking for a small, clean and contemporary travel trailer on a very reasonable budget, the Nest by Airstream can be attached to a mid-sized SUV, then it’s ready to hit the high road. Its exterior shell is strong and lightweight, as it’s made of fiberglass. The Nest comes in an overall exterior size of 16’8”, weighing in at 2,400 lbs., and is expected to debut in April of this year.

Coachman Caravan:

Although this caravan’s dealership locations are housed in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, and South Korea, the visual concept is quite luxurious. There are three major styles to the Coachman Caravan 2018 edition and they are the Vision, Pastiche, and VIP. Its promotional features include long-lasting, low-maintenance materials and fabrics, where care-free and easy living is encouraged. With a light and airy feeling of soft colors, high-end, durable woodwork, and impressive innovation (such as heated bath towel racks and a high-tech Pioneer system), the Coachman Caravan will have one riding in refined style.

Patriot Campers X1:

This particular brand, developed in Australia, is targeted towards off-road traveling. The gravel roads and the rough terrain are common obstacles that Patriot Campers can withstand. If camping, touring, assembling tents, and enjoying the outdoors is of personal interest (whether it be biking, kayaking, etc.), this is a great option. Patriot Campers offer many options and alternatives to their products, but similar recommended products on the market are the X1 and X2. Central differences in the X1 and X2 are the level of advancement. For friends, family, and individuals trying out the adventure of touring and camping for the first time, the X2 is the ideal choice.  Both models are light, compact and easy to set up; instead of sleeping in an actual home setting, this camper is stationed as a highly durable tent with fundamental living amenities. The Patriot Camper will deliver a full-on camping experience with the opportunity to live at ease among nature.

Ford Earthroamer XVLT:

Banking in at half of a million dollars, the Ford Earthroamer XVLT has a lot of fine finishings and specs to offer. With five unique floor-plans: The Aspen, Boulder, Breckenridge, Crestone, and Telluride, the XVLT is Earthroamer’s top selling expedition vehicle.  And, the reasoning behind of its steep price lies within its craftsmanship and durability that is built to last. Even down to the electricals, Earthroamer’s system is intricately designed and extensively tested for use in a high-end yacht. The key to this vehicle is its ability to help travelers stay off the grid and experience the luxury of feeling at home for extended periods of time.