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Collision Repair

Expert Auto Collision Repair Services

The collision repair specialists at Joe Hudson’s Collision Center are committed to providing the highest quality of service when repairing your vehicle. We prioritize excellence and efficiency, repairing your vehicle so it’s good as new and getting it back to you ASAP.

Accidents are a hassle, but auto collision repair doesn’t have to be. With 200+ shops in 16 states, you don’t have to travel far to get your vehicle to one of our local collision centers. Many of our customers are located within 5–10 miles of a Joe Hudson’s Collision Center.

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center specializes in all aspects of collision repair, from scratched paint and dents to damaged mechanical and electrical systems. We guarantee every repair because we care.

Why Choose Joe Hudson’s Collision Center?

You have choices when it comes to auto body shops. When you choose Joe Hudson’s Collision Center, you can expect high-quality collision repair performed by certified experts.

As a full-service auto body collision repair center, we handle all aspects of repairing and restoring your vehicle after a wreck. This includes bodywork, as well as:

In addition to providing the highest quality of post-collision auto repair, Joe Hudson’s Collision Center is all about making the entire process easy for you. We perform a FREE upfront estimate—including a thorough inspection after vehicle disassembly, if necessary—so you know how much repairs are expected to cost. You can count on us to keep you informed throughout the collision repair process so you always know what is happening and when your vehicle will be ready.

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center is also the insurance partner of choice for a wide range of insurance companies. The relationships we build with insurers of all sizes enable us to expedite the claims and repair processes for our valued customers.

Other benefits that make Joe Hudson’s Collision Center the leader in local car collision repair include:

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our work. All structural repairs, metalwork, and replacement parts are covered by our lifetime warranty. Our goal is to completely satisfy every customer. But, if any aspect of our work is unsatisfactory, we will fix it free of charge.

JHCC Has You Covered
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Great Service Since 1989

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center has been serving customers for more than 35 years. Although we work on cars, we take pride in providing each customer with “white-glove” treatment. In addition to handling all aspects of collision repair, we work hard to ensure our customers receive a stress-free repair experience.

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Outstanding service from start to finish

Proven Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on professionalism, excellent communication, speed, and quality results. We provide our customers with an unmatched repair experience, earning us a reputation as one of the best auto collision repair centers in every community we serve.

A collision center unlike any other
5-star reviews from multiple customers

I-CAR Gold Class Recognition

I-CAR is the collision repair industry’s national training authority. To achieve I-CAR Gold Class recognition, a collision center must meet advanced training standards. Our technicians complete annual training requirements to maintain this high standing.

Learn About I-CAR’s Gold Class Collision Repair Program

OEM Certifications

Many Joe Hudson’s Collision Center locations are recognized and approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). OEM certification signifies that we meet and comply with the standards set by the automaker, ensuring quality collision repair for a wide range of vehicles.

How Joe Hudson’s Collision Center Can Help

An auto collision can affect your vehicle in many different ways. Some are obvious—such as scratches, dents, and dings—while others can only be detected by a trained professional.

The comprehensive collision repair services at Joe Hudson’s Collision Center address multiple issues that may arise after an accident:

  • Body damage, including repair or replacement of damaged body panels, bumpers, fenders, doors, and other exterior components
  • Structural damage to the frame or unibody that must be restored to OEM specifications
  • Paint damage, from small chips to scratches and dents
  • Mechanical damage; components such as the engine, suspension, steering, and drivetrain may need to be repaired or replaced
  • Damage to safety systems, such as airbags, seat belts, and sensors
  • Wheel alignment issues
  • Damage to the electrical system, including wiring, sensors, and electronic components
  • Interior damage to the seats, dashboard, console, and trim components

A complete damage inspection enables our technicians to identify all of the necessary repairs. We provide a FREE estimate and fully review the work needed to get your vehicle back to its pre-loss condition.

What Is the Process for Collision Repair?

The exact steps involved in auto collision repair depend on the nature of the damage and how extensive it is. Joe Hudson’s Collision Center has developed a proven process for repairing cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles that have sustained minor to major collision damage.

Key components of our collision repair process include:

1. Assessment & Estimate

Our technicians perform a thorough inspection, accounting for both visible damage and hidden damage that may require further investigation. We also prepare a complete and accurate estimate using the industry’s premier repair estimating software.

2. Insurance Claim Assistance

Filing an insurance claim is one of the most important aspects of getting your vehicle’s repairs underway. Our knowledgeable team members can help you navigate the claim filing process, as well as assist you with rental vehicle arrangements.

3. Disassembly

Once the insurance claim or estimate is approved, the damaged parts of the vehicle are removed to assess the extent of underlying damage. This may involve removing exterior body panels, interior components, and other parts to identify all related damage.

4. Structural Repair

If the frame or unibody is damaged, we perform the necessary repairs to restore the vehicle’s factory dimensions and structural integrity. This may involve using specialized equipment such as a measuring system and frame straightening machine to accurately realign the vehicle’s structure.

5. Body Repair

Body repair involves repairing or replacing damaged body panels, bumpers, fenders, and other exterior components. Our technicians specialize in paintless dent repair, which in some cases allows us to remove minor dents and dings without the need for traditional bodywork and painting.

6. Painting

After the body repairs are complete, we prepare your vehicle for painting using high-quality automotive paint products. Our advanced paint matching technology ensures that the new paint matches the color of your specific vehicle.

7. Reassembly

Once the paint process is complete, the vehicle is reassembled. This includes reinstalling exterior body panels, trim pieces, lamps, and other components. We also complete any remaining required operations, such as replacing the windshield, performing the wheel alignment, calibrating ADAS, etc.

8. Quality Control & Final Inspection

JHCC puts each vehicle through a rigorous quality control inspection to ensure that all repairs have been completed to an industry-leading standard. Test drives may be performed to verify that the systems are functioning correctly and there are no issues with handling or performance.

9. Detailing

The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out to remove any dust, debris, or fingerprints accumulated during the repair process. Interior detailing may also be performed to restore the vehicle’s interior to a clean and like-new condition.

10. Delivery

Once the repair process is complete and the vehicle passes final inspection, it is ready to be returned to you. Your local JHCC location will coordinate with you to arrange for pickup or delivery of your vehicle. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the repairs we performed or any aspect of the overall process.

Technicians at Joe Hudson’s Collision Center handle each of these tasks with the utmost care. You will receive a written warranty guaranteeing the work we’ve done.

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