At Joe Hudson Collision Center it is our goal for every customer to be 100% satisfied. We regularly receive feedback letting us know how we are doing and we are sure to congratulate our employees on a job well done. Below you will find just a few of these letters.

“My experience was nothing short of wonderful. I know the email says to respond to this address if I wasn’t satisfied with my experience, but I felt the need to let someone higher up in the company know just how incredibly impressed I am at the service I received at the JH in Fort Walton Beach, FL. I mean, WOW.They were so professional and kind and there wasn’t a moment where I wondered how much longer it would take for my car to be completed and they answered my questions before I could ask them. I had already talked them up and referred coworkers at my multiple jobs to them and that was before I even saw the end result). Picked up my BMW today and it looks GORGEOUS. And they were SO QUICK! While I can say that April and Chris were absolutely AWESOME, I am grateful to the rest of the behind the scenes team as well. Will recommend to EVERYONE!”

Chelsea W.

“This is the best automotive experience I have ever had! No hassles, no delays – I will recommend you to all of my friends.”

John W.

“I am really impressed with the service I have received. You have knowledgeable staff and skilled technicians – everything one would look for.”

Mark K.

“To Joe Hudson Collision Center: This message is to express my thanks and appreciation to your shop and, in particular, to Matt Danielson . I am a Canadian Snowbird. Last week, I discovered that someone had hit my Honda CRV and torn the bumper away from the frame of the car. I first went to Honda out on Hwy 98 and was then advised to go to your facility on 23rd Street. Matt came out to our car, surveyed the damage and told us that he could fix the problem in a couple of minutes and, with the aid of a couple of screwdrivers, that is exactly what he did, good as new! Best service we have ever experienced. Kudos to Matt for his friendly, professional service.”

Bill B.

“We are Canadians who had the misfortune of being involved in an auto accident in February in Panama City Beach of which the other party was liable. This happened 24 hrs. prior to a cruise which we had booked. Needless to say we were initially in a panic situation. We drive a VW Jetta so my husband went to the VW dealer who in turn referred him to Joe Hudson’s Collision Center in Panama City. Matthew Danielson informed my husband that our car was not driveable due to the extensive damage to the rear end of the auto. Matt was so obliging to secure a rental car for us and within a few hours everything was in place and we were able to go on our cruise as planned. We are writing this letter to say how happy we were that your Collision Center did an excellent job in repairing our car and we can’t say enough good things about the way that we were treated. Matt was so friendly and treated us top notch. Your company also routinely kept us informed on the status of the repairs as they took place. The service we were provided was second to none, but it would not happen without your wonderful staff. Hopefully we will not need your service in the future, but should it ever happen, we would not hesitate to deal with your company. Once again, thank you for an excellent job well done!”

Madeline M.

“I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to the wonderful staff at Joe Hudson’s Collision Center in Panama City, Florida. We were on vacation when my mother had an auto accident near Pensacola on July 2nd, 2014. I knew I had to get the vehicle back to me in Panama City, but I had no idea of how to do it. When in search of some help, I reached out to Joe Hudson Collision Center. I spoke with Matt and he quickly came to our rescue. He made a phone call and sent a wrecker to pick up the vehicle and bring it back to Panama City. The next day the vehicle arrived and we went to assess the damages. I told Matt I had a truck but I wasn’t sure that it would pass the inspection process at the U-Haul rental facility where we were supposed to pick up a trailer. Matt quickly offered for me to take his own personal Toyota Tundra. We were able to pick up the trailer with the truck that we had with us, but the simple fact that he was more than willing to offer was completely heartwarming. We arrived back at the collision center at 5PM and began the process of loading the vehicle. The vehicle being a Lexus 570 was extremely heavy and now with an axle broken from the left rear wheel, it was almost impossible to move. It was 5PM and these gentlemen were ready to go home, but they did not! 5 guys stayed for 2 hours and helped us load our vehicle. We had to use a wench to get the vehicle up on the trailer. When we had the vehicle halfway loaded, we realized that the axle was broken and hanging off the trailer. One of the guys made a phone call across the street and had a rollback come over and lift the rear end of the vehicle so we could continue to wench it up onto the trailer. Two hours later and a lot of sweat and some now dirty men, our vehicle was loaded and ready for us to take back home. I have been in the car business all of my life and I have never experienced this level of customer service and I work at a Cadillac dealership! The entire team at Joe Hudson’s Collision Center went above and beyond anything I could have asked for. I never spent a dime on repairs at this facility. All of the help and the work involved was because of character and morals in this team and for that I am extremely thankful to Joe Hudson’s Collision Center for reminding me of what genuine customer service looks like!”